Monday, June 25, 2007

Kuala Lumpur & Selangor State Manager - reschedule

Marts will hold a election by 'show of hands' this Friday, 29th June 2007 at AliBaba. This session will be conducted by 9M2NCL @ 10.30 pm. We request your presence to support the current council expansion plan and their activities.

Calling all Marts member and would be members, who would like to contribute in their own way to be present. In conjunction with this election activity, we would be having a recruitment drive to welcome new members.




Anonymous said...

MARTS Council have lost its direction. The perogative of appointing the Regional Rep is in the Council's hand.The council decides, who in their opinion will be able to function as a rep for the area concerned.The council should discreetly find out who is capable to contribute and appoint him/her..
How many people are going to turn up at Ali Baba ? will the result of this election represents the real general opinion of members in this area.Will the members who do not attend accept the person nominated.A conspiracy will occur.The most popular will get elected and he may not be able to function effectively. Many at Ali Baba are not members yet or their membership have 9W2M?T. Will they vote ?Good intentions but the approach is wrong.

Think a thousand times

Anonymous said...

My vote is for anyone who is able to assist, anyone who is willing to get his/her hands dirty and be seen so that i could have a decent QSO. My vote is for you.

You think too much and hopefully you will make an appearance too - Think a thousand times


Anonymous said...

We think alike.Vote for somebody capable not someone who 'goreng' all the time..talks a lot and do nothing.There are capable people at AB or people around KL who never frequent AB but capable and talks little....look around for this chap.If you need a decent QSO , you need a good repeater, then you need someone who is technically inclined not someone who repairs repeaters with his balls.( Sorry main main saja)
Happy voting, I will be away for some business matter overseas.


think 1001 times.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! A Manager, a high post and be sure that person with good knowledge base on this RF field.
Not just QRZ kaki and goes QRX.....
Sadly, this is a hobby and is not a real job appointment.
Sound not nice???

In my opinion, the appointment should be as a local repeater team leader.
Get those guys that have all their spare and to those capable guys NO time & there4 NO point.

They could be not so expreience but gradually they will able to achieve good result because they have all the time.....
With some hard worked and to doing it a hard way and with some accurate in4 reference they can achieve it.

Sori, I no knowledage and could not help and pass my RAE exam by luck.

73 & QRT.

Alan said...

I think its a good idea. The Council has been asked many times to delegate and share power. They have been asked to involve hams at a local level. They have been asked to seek local opinion.

Now they have done it and we critisize them. Thats fine too but come up with a solution or shut up.

Lets just get someone up there. Its not a bloody lifelong appointment. So be there if you wish to be part of it. Other wise... you can do something else with your Friday night.

And for God sake....whoever the manager is... make sure you know what you are doing. OR seek advice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alan,
I like your last sentence........
Accept the post if you can contribute.willing to spare your valuable time and probably some money from your own pocket Otherwise forget about it.This post is not just for glamour.
God said " Ask, it shall be given "
ask or seek for advice if you dont know.

Bo cho kang

Anonymous said...


Effective with the appointment as Manager!!! We hv to trust his ability and he should decide and to seek his working support team.

Please accept him. NO WHO HAH and the shut up.
All these years... the RKK repeater is not working as compared with those commercial mobile repeaters.

Why we can't get it fixed up???
Is it that we are amatuer???


Anonymous said...

we all know alan talk only but no action....

Hasan Chan said...

I will support whoever elected.

Anonymous said...

The war is beginning.

You fuckers... no better thing to do ah?

Eveyone is screwing each others back.
When is this going to stop?

If this is the attitude we will never progress.

Never from the back
always front

Anonymous said...

Please.... NO FFF here be gentle.
If you are not a hams please excuse us....

For once please we are here to appoint a capable manager & team members that could help to fixed up those repeaters and with a good possibility to lead us further.

Seriously, a manager post is not play play.
He must B able to perform as professional.
Doubtful those around that I know hv the knowledge.

Hasan said, he will support whoever elected??? Big problems if elected those that can play play expriment works and DING DONG the repeaters.
Frankly, for once support only capable guys???
Not from those QSO with good operating procedure.

Concerned hams.

Anonymous said...

The keyword here is - The people elected or are willing to stand for election has to be committed and prove that they will perform, put up a conscious effort to get the job done.

I suppose the only way this will work is to empower the person and let him do his part. If you are interested, please volunteer else comment when the person is not up to the mark.

It is easy to discriminate a person who is willing to give it a go, are u?


JungleTrekker said...

Hi people,

I was saddened for sometime due to the inactive blog and the lack of any postings. But once it was revived, it reminded me of all the unnecessary rubbish that is constantly placed in the comment boxes. Mr. Anonymous, are you one or many, like the Nokia N95 or just a simple pain in the posterior.

Come off it and lets give the blog some breathing space. I think comments need be constructive and full of purpose, otherwise just clam up please.

One so full of negativity should not try to rile up the general readers and those who are irritated should just ignore the rubbish. As Happy Gilmore said, "GO TO A HAPPY PLACE!"


Anonymous said...

The Manager position what is the salary???

Local Market tag RM12K+ Per month. Company car provided + Housing allowance + sales commissions and many other benefits.

So, what MARTS can offer???

Not interested if salary below RM12K monthly.

The Manager said........if U want quality services U hv to pay.

Otherwise, it's like that.....everyone can b manager.

Anonymous said...

You idiot,
If the local manager wants a pay of RM12,000.00 then how much do we pay the President, Secretary, Treasurer and so on.
In one month MARTS will be bankrupt.

You so chai, this is voluntary job lah.If You want, you take otherwise let someone else do the job.
I think KL peole must be crazy especially those at Ali Baba. We had no problem electing a Manager for Penang.
So so chai keep away.

lee said...

There we go .The war has started again.Coming as anonymous and DARE not own up to what they say..

Ofcourse Penang won't have prob electing their manager.cause MARTS base is there.Makes it easier for you'll.What makes you think some of these posters are not from Penang?guys if MARTS wants to be united we have to put in some effort.Look if clubs like MARES,ASTRA and etc,etc can how come MARTS can't.

Back stabbers forever we will have everywhere we go but if we want to move forward we really have to start somewehere.

mr reptile

Anonymous said...

Mr reptile,

This time I support you
1. No sms shotform used.
2. What you write is correct.
To understand this problem you need to know the history of MARTS after 1995. Before 1995 all went well.Where MARTS base is located is no criterion. When MARTS was in KL, Penang boys gave their cooperation.Why not the other way around now. ?
It is too long to write here.
All societies whether MARES or ASTRA have their own problems but these problems are solved amicably
and then close rank.It is different here members are trying to kill each other and we go nowhere.
We need to start somewhere but where ? The person who wants to lead now must have a clean image and have no previous controversies.
I am looking for this person but have not found one so far.Majority of MARTS members wants MARTS to be strong but we alaways have hinderances from some unknown devils.
Oh God please guide me.

Anonymous said...

"The person who wants to lead now must have a clean image and have no previous controversies." - give me a break...

The volunteer/ nominated person is not running a country or into managing funds. He/she is giving up their time so that all of us who frequent RKK & other repeaters get to operate on a functional repeater.

He/she and volunteers will be attending to issues taht you & me would rather spend time at home. So, hang on to yr train of thought and instead lend them your support.

I'm certain the council in Penang would be able to provide valuable assistance & guidance during his tenure.

You have a point, "Majority of MARTS members wants MARTS to be strong" Let us start today and cheer them on ..


lee said...

Yeah that the spirit :)

mr reptile

9W2PET (and proud of it) said...


I for one, made my intentions known in person and over the RBB repeater in Penang that I would not have anything to do with MARTS or any other clubs or societies but to just "PLAY RADIO AND NOT PLAY POLITICS" however when the new MARTS Council was elected and when I received the 1st Newsletter from the newly elected Council, my views and stance were challenged.

I did not renew my membership for 2007 and did not attend the AGM even though I am from Penang where the AGM was held. Like many, I was not happy with how the Society was run and how its members were so divided. There was NO COMMUNICATION BETWEEN THE MEMBERS IN GENERAL ALTHOUGH THIS WAS A COMMUNICATIONS HOBBY.

There were many visible improvements that had to be made to try to make the Society's members happy or at least to try to! How could you even make 10 persons happy since each of them has their own ideas and ideals.

But today, I have renewed my membership with MARTS because I can see that MARTS under the new Council is making improvements in so many areas to ensure that its members voices are heard and that the activities of a National Society for the Ham Community befits its name.

Being the headstrong person that I am, I had to swallow my own pride when I decided to rejoin the Society. But why? Because I can see that the Society is now heading in the right direction, the direction that would see its member's interests heard and looked into and to uphold the hobby and to represent Malaysian hams throughout the world.

I, too, was only too eager and too fast to hit out at any small mistakes made by the Council in the past, and had made enemies instead of friends. (However I relinquished my stand and made friends again with those whom I considered enemies)

But today, my perspective on the Society has been turned around and I am now actively contributing ideas and personal time to ensure that my interest and knowledge as a ham member is shared with other hams as well with SWLs.

Give the Society and the Council a chance to show that they can be able to make that difference, after all, would we be able to sacrifice our own time and money as they (past and present Councils) have willingly agreed to do?

If they are not doing the right things in the right way, then we, as paying members, can and should let the Council know of their shortcomings but if we are only too quick to criticize them even before they have begun to do the good work, then they would be discouraged and we would see history in the making again!

Put yourselves in their shoes, why should they take the heat for trying to put a bunch of hams together in a communications hobby that lacks communication?


If you dont contribute in a positive manner then how would any society, for that matter, be able to move forward and excel?

I am from Penang and not just because the main Council is in Penang, that I would support them, but more that the Council is performing in a right manner to safeguard my interest as a ham and that the Council is willing to hear from all parties. I dont expect them to accept my ideas for furthering the hobby as I am a fairly new ham of only 4 years but as long as all of us do our part to contribute, the Council will not be short of ideas to expand its activities.

That is the main reason for the position of the State Manager to be elected. The elected ham will be the spokesperson and organizer for activities in his own State where the voices and ideas of hams in that State would be brought before the Council. If he/she is not working to the local members rquired standards then the members can get together to elect a new State Manager to represent their interests. This goes same for ANY COUNCIL MEMBERS TO BE REMOVED FROM POSITION IF THEY ARE FOUND TO BE INACTIVE AND NOT CARRY OUT THEIR DUTY IN THEIR CAPACITY. This can be done via a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE by the Society's members and tabled at an EGM.

My contribution via this feedback is in NO WAY MOOTED OR REQUESTED BY THE MARTS COUNCIL but as an individual ham who has seen the light of good things to come.




de 9W2PET

9w2mct said...

Well said Peter, and to the anoynous who dared not owned up. Stay away, please.

Peter, I share the same sentiments, and thanks for being sensible.

I know true hams read this blog, and when they come together, they do it for the sake of the hobby, to share and learn, some choose to bad mouth, and that speaks of their mentality.

Small minds discuss people.
I have no qualms about the direction the new council is taking, and hence, I renewed my membership. Of course, if the council feel that I am not good enough for the society, I shall accept that too.

Good luck to the new council, and the appointment of the new managers. May MARTS move forward and support IARU to make HAM more accessible. (and that means not to object IARU's proposals!)

Anonymous said...

Well said, 9W2PET. I applaued you for your support given to Marts Council 2007. It will take people like you, Yes! you too, to change or influence the participation among Hams.


Anonymous said...

you have about 24 hours more to decide who will be RARTS Regional Managaer for KL and Selangor.
Vote wisely, vote someone who is capable to serve MARTS and its members.
Dont be swayed by some sweet talking people who is aiming for the post probably with ulterior motive.
Our beloved country Malaysia will be celebrating its Golden anniversary for Merdeka. It would be good if we can have some special event station somewhere and we celebrate it together.
A few years ago MARTS was 50 years old.There was a lot of talk and ho hah to celebrate it but after a while
eveything die off. They lost the best opportunity.So we hope this does not happen again.The new council should look into it,if they are not well versed ask the senior ones. I am sure they will be pleased to assist.

Happy voting and Merdeka.

lee said...

Yahoo :) Now we are all talking sense.

Peter well said we should be open to critism but CONTRUCTIVE ONES NOT DESTRUCTIVE ONES.

Lets get together and bring MARTS to another level..

mr reptile

lee said...

9w2xyz(Alan) appointed repeater's manager(Central region)
9w2sbs(Aiznin) appointed state manager(Central region)

Alas MARTS is starting to progress.Let's join hand's and bring this even further.

I'm sure we have more than enough experience hams that can teach n guide in some fields that some of us aren't.Let's work together and unite MARTS once again.

To our newly appointed Central region manager's,i'm with you guys.will give ya'll my fullest support.I may not very knowledgadle bout repeater's and stuff but i think i can help in others.We can't shake hands in a fist so we need as many hands as possible not fist :)

mr reptile

Anonymous said...

Communication is to foster friendship throughout and the newly elected Central office bearer are majority choice as we know they are capable. Let's give them our support and nonsence saying put aside ,especially from those who hide at backstage making unwarranted criticism. These people are known as NATO (No Action Talk Only).
Yes, we can accept constructive critisicm but not destructive.
Like the saying of M. Ghadhi,'An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind'.

I am proud to be MARTS > 9W2BKL

Hasan Chan said...

Dear Mr Repeater Manager
Your first assignment is to look into RKK

Anonymous said...

For once I must admit that my guess
who is going to be elected as Regional manager was wrong. I was expecting some sweet talking guys/conmen to elected.Thank God it did not happen.
I do not what transpired at AB last Friday.
Can somebody give a report... there was no takers or was there an election ?
Whatever it is I wish the newly elected all the best. There is already a National Repeater Manager appointed by the Council..9M2CL Bob, so all activities should be
coordinated by Bob..

Once again all the best, selamat maju jaya

Anonymous said...

Those known conmen and sweet talkers have been marked dead that is always the truth highlighted by this blogspot news.

Therefore, now is under good control but also have to beware at times.

The 2 mangers have their task of responsibility, the decisions to make and all the plans to form his working teamate.

Good luck always............

73 de OM

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
It is a good start. Let us support them.

1. Increase membership. If you are not a member yet... join us. If your membership have lapsed reapply. ( A friend of mine whose membership have lapsed for 5 years received a copy of the newsletter and an application form from the Secretary.. A wise move Mr Sec. )
This guy was very happy and he has submitted his application.The strength of MARTS is with the members. If the numbers are dwindling then it simply cannot claim to be the premier amateur ardio society in Malaysia. To the newly appointed Regional Manager start the ball rolling, there many out there who are not members yet but do not expect 100% support. There are also arse holes around..

Sokong Kuat

9W2XYZ said...

Hi all...
Thank you for the phone calls. I must admit the last time I was part of a repeater team, it was fun. Friends and new friends helping each other out.
Somewhere along the line, we get comments from people eager only to point out the faults in other people becoming more frequent.

So..its like this. WHOEVER deems he/she can do a better job, come forward and show me your 'business plan'. You will be welcomed as the new repeater manager. Likewise, if you do not identify yourself, I have to assume you have no radio license and in which case... .sing to the moon.


the repeater team lineup is not complete. But at this stage, these are the few fellows I have in mind, some have agreed to help out. Any ideas and volunteers welcome.

Operational Support
9W2PO (4WD, all round)
9W2SBS ( State Liaison Mngr, funding, reimbursement, approvals)
9W2AXE ( Operational Support)
9W2ICE (4WD, all round)
9W2BOI (4WD, all round)
9W2EET (4WD, all round)
9W2TRD (4WD, all round)
Francis Lee (4WD, all round)


Need a few more.
Albert Thum


I would like to state for the record that I am appreciative of the votes received. I am fooling no one when I say that I have the time to do this, given my regional work. However, we need to start somewhere. I urge those on the team to volunteer and any others out there. This simply means that many hands make light work.

I think Andre' is doing a spectacular job. Join me in thanking him. As for the repeater team, we should not forget that there was an unofficial team that is STILL active. They are hereby welcomed as aboard the repeater team. More news later.


9W2CPN - pin said...

hi there, sorry...just back from a few days tripped and i'm assigned with a duty, not bad alan.

actually what is the story talking about, me here blur blur.

de 9w2cpn

Anonymous said...


No worries just say the word we will be there for you and the team. Very appreciative for Andre to find time to be in KL to put things together.