Friday, June 22, 2007

In Memory of 9W2ACE - 31st May 2006

from an email send to .. which i have failed to publish

It will be 29 more days before the date marks a year 9W2ACE or known as 'frankie' left us to be with God. Personally, he left me with all the memories that i could never erased from my heart. He was a wonderful person, yet he left us too soon...Dearest Cheng, may your soul rest in peace. love - Dimple@Pearl

Frankie, may your soul rest in peace..

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Alan said...

so long buddy.

I still have your handy!

Wilfred said...

rest in peace cheng. a month before that (22 Apr) we were at pertak and it all happened like a wink of an eye. a week before yur death we were dining at XCs place. two things one cannot escape is love and death coming one's way. u had the former and u succumbed to the latter. u will not be forgotten.

JungleTrekker said...

Time and tide awaits no man... but alas for some the clogs of time abruptly seizes and is never to turn again. Though you are gone, forgotten you shall not be. I am sure you are now in a better place and I wish you could have seen my rig and jalopy now. May the serenity and tranquility of Selai and Pertak be with you always, my dear friend.

Rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

rest in peace buddy, since your incident, i've though too much about safety and precaution. and seems like everything under your protection.

may hope your life free from air polution, and flood water, and toll.

pussy in the boots.