Thursday, March 22, 2007


The daughter of a fellow HAM member 9W2LOO - Mr Lo Chee Hin requires a liver transplant. She is only 10 years old. Her father is donating part of his Liver. The transplant planned for 28 th March 2007 ( date still not confirm) at Selayang Hospital. Blood is in short supply and if complications arise in the operation they require more blood. We are looking for donors for blood type B + to be on standby incase it is required. If you wish to offer your help and donate blood please contact 9W2AXE or Mr Lo Chee Hin - hp 017 7547745 .

QSP from 9W2AXE


Ricky said...

This is 9W2LOO here, i want to say to you all Thank you for your all helping & respont. Yesterday we go to Selayang Hospital Meet the Dr. C.B. Lim, She said our Operation will in 04.04.2007 (Date also not confirm yet) because have another child who from Penang more serious than my daughter, then they must do he first then if have a confirm day i will let u know. Thank you very Much

Have a Nice day & 73.

Hasan Chan said...

Loo, if U need the blood type,I am ever ready to donate.. My blood group is also B+


Anonymous said...

Hi Loo,
I wish your daughter a successful operation.

Back to MARTS affairs. The AGM has been set on 29th April 2007 in Penang. Why no announcement ? I have received the notice of AGM by post today.Maybe the administrators of this blogspot are non members of MARTS so you all did not get the notice.
So non members of MARTS please do not comment on MARTS affairs. You dont have the fundamental right to be involved in MARTS .

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