Thursday, November 17, 2005


Hello . . .fellow hams, ooks like it has been a while since the last update.
Everyone has been busy I guess. . personally, I have taken on a new job, andwhich means new responsibilities . . 9W2XI has also taken on a new job, such our 'web master' has been busy too. Last I heard, 9W2XYZ, has moved on, and 9W2XL has been in and out of the country.
9W2SSJ has been enjoying his time off before resuming his saltmine matters. . .
I do know for a fact that some SWL's have been keenly looking forward to more activities, so guess we will have to start somewhere.
After speaking to 9M2LAW - committee member MARTS, they are aware of our repeater situation and are working to 'get the budget' to replace the old faithful at Bukit Lanjan.
Keep fingers crossed.
On a more interesting note, get out your equipment and fix that measuring tape yagi you have all been talking about, cos there will be a fox hunt, hopefully, come November 26 & 27.

as informed by 9M2LC -Just to let U know that there might be a possible ARDF session, mainly organised by the Malacca boys.Venue : Jelebu, Negri Sembilan ( exact place I don't know yet )Date : 26 ~ 27th November 2005.Temporary coordinator : 9M2WT : William TanI have yet to get full details from him, but already scheduling some of our Pg boys to head down there,IF the gathering takes place. That means we will leave on Friday 25th for KL 1st.Hope U and your contingent can join us. Will feed you more details if available.73KC - 9M2LC

so keep your dates free, andrest assured, I will update more often. . .

Best 73's 9W2MCT

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Anonymous said...

26 and 27, NESRAC - Negeri Sembilan Amateur Radio Club is organising EYEBALL PERDANA on that day also, mention by the organizing committee of the NESRAC there will be FOX HUNTING on either 26 Sat. Time of the event not QSL.